Why us?


  • Customize and design the paper bag to meet the requirement of each customers (Product, Filling machine and speed, Transportation, Palettization etc.)
  • Offer a wide range of bag types with (Pasted Open Mouth Bags, Pasted Valve Bags, Pinch Bottom Bags, Sewn Open Mouth, Gusset Bags) 
  • Provide additional features for the bags such as PE liner, Pin hole, Laminated paper, Easy opening, Aluminum Film, EVOH Film etc.

High Technology Machines

  • Ensure a consistent and high quality standard
  • Offer accuracy and precise output 
  • provide better quality control
  • Reduce production lead time for the customers

ISO / GMP certified

  • Ensure that the products are consistently produced and controlled according to the quality standard
  • Always deliver high quality product
  • Implement Quality Management System in our company


Advanced Printing teachnique

  • High printing quality and color accuracy
  • Vivid color and sharp image
  • Offer a variety of 10 color for printing
  • Provide 1,341 shades of color selection

Better after sales service

  • On-site service for technical support
  • Respond within 24 hours
  • Customer-oriented company
  • Very responsive to messages, questions and concerns

Global Packaging Company

  • Choices of raw material from local and overseas suppliers
  • More than 10 years of business experience with local and global company in Thailand, Asia and Europe
  • Global delivery (Air freight, Sea freight etc.)

Total Cost Approach

  • Customize the bag style and specification to meet the customer’s needs with cost-effective mindset for the customers
  • Design functional and attractive bag within your budget