Why Paper Bag ?


Conforming so closely to the volume of the package product.

  • Use only necessary material to protect goods during their transportation through the supply chain, hardly adding weight to the customer's net product weight
  • Offer variety of bag sizes for customers to choose, start with 1 kg up to 50 kg


  • High tensile strength of paper to contain heavy goods
  • Multiwall paper sacks are robust from tearing and stabing

Moisture Protection

  • Offer various paper options that most suitable for your products
  • Barrier against grease and/or moisture
  • Paper sack provides an extremely broad range of engineered featured

Excellent printing surfaces offered by paper to achieve the superior graphics

  • Presenting high‐definition graphics in more than 10 colors
  • Smooth surface of paper benefits in illustrating vivid colors and high-resolution images

Waste management option

  • Paper can be reused
  • Paper can be recycled
  • Paper has an ability to be easily composted

Encourage the efficient use of a sustainable and renewable resource

  • The bag’s material is made from tree, a renewable resource
  • Using Sustainable Forestry Initiative certified paper, two trees are planted for every tree used


  • Made of 100% natural wood fibers
  • Shorter time for biodegradation and composting